We provide service to our customers to book the container for their ocean containers logistics needs, provide inspection of these containers for further ocean freight. Our freight forwarding company offers this service with accordance with the maritime container line. We ensure that our customers get the excellent experience with us while acquiring our services in Containers service. At Z LOGI, we want to help make the world of container services leaner and more efficient. in particular, we want to provide market players with an opportunity to participate in the digitalization of the logistics industry. We come from the container services industry and know its immense opportunities, also its recent and upcoming challenges. Above all, we know how this industry operates: paired with leading know-how in the transformation from traditional business to digital with Z LOGI container services. Now’s the time for the digital transformation of this part of the supply chain.
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Buying and Selling of Containers with Z LOGI

We want to enable our customers, from local retailers to global players, to make trading faster, more efficient and fully transparent. And this is just the beginning. A 20f or 40f container is available, and up to 6 used cars can be placed in a container. We manage 20', 40', 40'HC ISO standard units, both dry and reefer, as well as special equipment such as Open Tops, Double Door, Open Side and Flat Racks. We have reliable skills in loading cargo into a container, allowing us to meet various customer needs.


Hassle-free & reliable, high-quality container services with multiple variations

We provide a wide variety of vanning services, ranging from standard lashing arrangements to strong lashing methods for rail transport. A 20f or 40f container is available, and up to 6 used cars can be placed in a container. Specifically, a 20f container can hold one to two cars, and a 40f container one to six. We will try to meet your needs as best as possible when preparing a vanning plan along with other logistics facilities.


    Z LOGI CO.,LTD freight forwarding expertise offer cost-effective pricing, wide carrier choices, optimal transit time, space protection, timely delivery, reliable information, assured efficiency, and peace of mind! With excellent relationship with the major shipping lines, Z LOGI is your local solution to global logistics, both by land and by Sea. With the combined global capability and local focus, you can rely on our flexible freight forwarding solutions. No matter where you plan to import your used Japanese vehicle, you can ensure that your car will be transported safely to your chosen port of delivery. Container shipping companies need to follow stringent regulations and so do us. The containers will be watertight, structurally sound, and impenetrable by the elements, so that your goods are safely delivered at your port of choice.


    ZLOGI's scope of services includes Vehicle Export Inspection, Car Export Service.




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