Our Pre-export car inspection team performs the inspection of the car before it could export. ZLOGI, CO.LTD offers a complete range of pre-export vehicle inspection to ensure the car is meeting the standard vehicle health and safety protocols to our customers with the reliable, efficient services they need for their regional and domestic shipments.
    Specially trained Z LOGI vehicle inspectors register all technical information about the car including the make, model, series, fuel type, trim and accessories. They ascertain the presence of keys and documentation, the condition of the tires, etc. They then note and photograph any damage. The Condition report which is an independent report containing the entire car’s data as collected and registered during the inspection. Complete with the cost calculation of the damages. Z LOGI has trained and accredited vehicle inspectors who checks all customers’ vehicles accurately and thoroughly, using state-of-the-art equipment and the highest-quality processes.
    We aim for high service efficiency to avoid downtime and to make everything as simple as possible for your customer, generating high customer satisfaction. According to local regulation, Z LOGI vehicle inspection experts can offer solutions that include identification checks to guarantee its origin and equipment. Additional items that are required may also include data checks about the past of the car, specific inspection points, pictures and more before it could export to the customer.
Seamless transparency

Get a complete overview across the whole process of your car's inspection before the export.

Detailed Inspection Report

Z LOGI provides detailed inspection report to the customers before the car can be export.

Reliable service

Z LOGI ensures that our customer's receive the optimum benefit of doing business with us.


Our detailed report includes detailed vehicle checks of the Body, Paint, Chrome, Signs of accident, Damage and Rust etc. We photograph the under body, check instrumentation, Tyre's, Wheels and Interior. In short, we do just about everything it's possible without actually taking the vehicle apart!
Our wide experience in vehicle pre-export inspection gives us confidence to assure our customers of customized, flexible, fast and efficient inspection and deliveries of their vehicles, coupled with tailor made rates to ensure value for the customer.

Benefits of Pre-Export Inspection with Z LOGI

Before the export can take place of used cars, it might be required to undergo from a specific inspection to obtain a pass certificate before it can be loaded on ship for the export, we can inspect vehicles for east African countries. For the pre-export inspection that is applied to other destinations, we can arrange the inspection of the vehicles stored in our warehouse by our arrangement.
Why Choose Us ?
>  Fast and Reliable
>  Transparent inspection
>  Immediate Detailed Inspection
>  Hassle free paperwork
>  Verified Reports by Top Specialist

Benefits of choosing Z LOGI Services

We offer a diverse range of logistics services such as ocean freight, chartering, customs clearance, inland transport, warehousing and distribution container vanning service, container buying and selling service, as well as value added services. We ensure that our clients receive an optimum benefit through our innovation, intensity and integrity. We offer our clients complete transportation services, which is tailored to their exact requirements.

Instant and transparent pricing

Z LOGI offers its customer the best prices possible without compromising on quality of services.

Hassle-Free Paper Work

All your shipping documents in one place. Via our dashboard you can easily see Invoices, Quotations, Bill of Lading and so on.

Track and Trace

With Z LOGI Customer Portal and Freight Tracking System you get clear visibility of your shipment's journey using our Online Tracking Feature which keeps you updated on your goods status.


    ZLOGI's scope of services includes Container Vanning service, Car Export Service.





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